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What are the seats and cushions and where are they located? 

The seats are, of course, where you and your passengers sit in your car.  Comfortable seats go a long way towards making your ride more pleasant.  Sitting on the floor, after all, would make driving difficult.  The seat cushions do a lot of the work of making your seats more comfortable by providing some padding. 

You may not typically think of your seats as a safety feature, but they are.  They help hold you in place and keep you in your best driving position.  

How do I know if my ­­­­ seats and cushions need to be replaced?                 

You might not commonly think of seats as a replaceable part of your vehicle.  They are generally pretty sturdy.  Occasionally, though, the seat frame might be damaged in an accident.  The various moving parts that allow you to adjust the seat to the perfect position can also wear out and stop working.  That can make your drives a lot more difficult, or even painful if you’re stuck in a bad position. 

You might also choose to upgrade your seats to a different type.  Various types of seats exist on the market that can change the look or feel of your car’s interior. 

Seat cushions are made of foam rubber that can wear out and sink over time.  You want your cushions to be soft, sure, but they also have to provide some support.  If the seat cushions start to sag, you might give yourself a sore back.  

Can I replace the seats and cushions myself?  

Although replacing seats and seat cushions is pretty straightforward, it can be a pretty involved job.  Particularly, when you’re replacing the complete seat, it can help to have an assistant. 

To remove the seat, start by removing the bolts and brackets that hold it to the seat rail.  If you have power or heated seats, you’ll need to disconnect the wiring from the seats.  Once the seat is disconnected, you’ll be able to maneuver it out through the door.  This is where an assistant can come in handy.  Then you can put the new seat in place and connect it. 

To replace the seat cushion, you’ll have to start by peeling back the seat upholstery.  It might be held on with metal clips or Velcro.  Once you pull the seat cover back, you’ll have to separate the cushion from the cover.  This too can be attached by metal clips or Velcro.  The metal clips can usually be removed with pliers or a flathead screwdriver.  Then pull out the old cushion.  Put the new cushion in, and make sure it’s positioned correctly.  Then reattach the cover, making sure it goes on snug.  

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