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What is an auto carpet and where is it located?

Interior carpeting is the most overlooked aspect of your automobile, though you step on it every time you get in your car or truck. Few parts can directly affect how comfortable and happy you are with the interior of your vehicle like your carpet can. A bad carpet ruins the overall appearance of your car or truck, reduce its worth, and stress you out while driving. A new auto carpet will revitalize your interior and improve the level of satisfaction you have with your vehicle.

In addition to providing aesthetic benefits, auto carpet provides functional benefits as well. Automotive carpeting covers the metal floor pans in your vehicle, and is held down by gravity, the seats, console, and all the trim around the edges. Without carpeting, the floor pans of the vehicle would be exposed, which in addition to not being desirable to look at, would not protect them from the elements or usage, and rust, mold, and mildew could develop as a result. Carpet makes the vehicle less hazardous to occupants by covering any sharp surfaces on the floor of the car or truck.

The interior carpet in your automobile helps reduce vibration and noise that comes from your vehicle when you drive, especially at high speeds, making your drive a bit smoother. Lastly, carpets act as a provider of heat insulation, keeping the inside of your car or truck warm in cold temperatures, and comfortable in hotter climates.

How do I know my interior automotive carpeting needs to be replaced?

Interior carpeting is the most vulnerable surface of a vehicle, it withstands the most contact and friction, second to only tires. Because carpet gets trampled on constantly and it is so exposed, it is not surprising that it shows the signs of aging and wear before other parts of the car or truck do. The most careful, meticulous vehicle owner cannot avoid wear and tear of their auto carpet. Unsightly burns, stains, and fading from years of use are, unfortunately, inevitable.

There are plenty of reasons to replace your vehicle’s carpet. Removing an old carpet provides you with a clean new look and feel for your vehicle. A new auto carpet replacement cuts down on allergens that have accumulated in your carpet over time, reducing respiratory discomfort for asthmatics and those you know with allergies. Lastly, new automotive carpeting help to increase the resale value of your automobile if you ever decide to part with it.

Can I replace the auto carpet myself?

Yes. When you receive the carpet, let it air out of the box for at least 24 hours. First, the old carpet needs to be removed. In order to do that, any parts that are holding the carpet down need to be removed. This goes for all of the side panels, center console, seats, seat belts, etc. It's a good idea to inspect what you will need to remove in order to find out what tools you will have to use, as it could be anything from a Torx driver to a socket and ratchet. Once the interior parts are out of the way, the carpet should pull up and out. It's a good idea to clean out any debris lying on the bottom of the car, but be sure to leave any remaining body insulation.

With your new carpet, you will likely need to cut out holes for parts like the shifter in order to fit it into your car or truck. A sharp utility knife or a pair of scissors can be useful for this. We recommend using your old carpet as a template to make sure the cuts are made correctly. Once you've mapped out where everything is and you've trimmed the carpet, simply lay it down into place. Then reinstall any parts originally removed and your car should have a brand new carpet.

Need an auto carpet replacement?

1A Auto Auto Carpet Features:

  • Free samples available for any color, to ensure the closest match possible
  • Molded and cut car carpet using original floor plan for a perfect fit and easy installation
  • High quality replacement auto carpet made from the finest materials
  • Hot new colors and authentic matches available

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet:

Ordering FAQ:

1. Why should I request color samples?

The appearance of color samples shown on the computer are subject to different monitors, view angles, and even the lighting of the room you are in. If you are concerned with an exact match please email or call us to request samples at 888-844-3393 or 978-433-3393.

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2. What colors are available for my vehicle?

Carpets are made to order so any color of carpet can be put into the proper mold and a new carpet is made. Even if we have to have your carpet custom made it will still be shipped out within three days of your order. Custom carpets are not returnable. All returnable carpets may be subject to a 15% restock fee.

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3. Do you make carpets in custom colors?

Yes. Generally there is an extra cost for custom automotive carpets. If you want a black carpet for your Honda, we can do that; if you want a purple carpet for your Chevy, we can do that; if you want a white (yes even white) carpet for your BMW, we can do that. We can have just about any carpet made in any color. Custom colors are not returnable and we require a credit card number and complete vehicle information before the carpet is shipped. There is a 50% surcharge to make a white carpet. This covers the special manufacturing processes in order to keep the carpet clean.

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4. How do you know what color is correct for my vehicle?

The colors we list are GOOD matches but we can not guarantee they EXACTLY match. Vehicles made in different factories or even different periods of the year can have different shades of carpet (see example below). If you are concerned about an EXACT match, please contact us to request samples.

We have made it a practice to collect color samples to insure matching. Our thought is that as we collect a sample, we can record a match and have a definite color on file, therefore the next customer will not need to send a sample. For example, we actually have three grey samples for a 1986 Ford Mustang car carpet. All three greys were a shade or two different and all three were made of different material.

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5. What if the colors you have do not match my carpet sample well?

We will send you at least three color samples that are similar and let you decide. If you do not like any of the colors then we do not expect you to buy the carpet. We do not want to sell anything that you will not be happy with.

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6. What materials are available?

Standard materials are designed to be a replacement for the original materials offered by the OEM. The same material is used on both carpets and floor mats to ensure a match. Also available in 230 color options.

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7. How can I be sure the carpet will fit my vehicle?

Simple - our manufacturer actually uses an original vehicle. The interior is stripped from the vehicle, an actual impression of the floor is made, and the mold for the carpet is made from that impression. This ensures proper fit.

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8. What specifications will you need?

  • Color: The colors in the Product Listing are good matches to original shades. If you choose a color from a drop-down menu then the carpet is returnable (a 15% re-stock fee will apply). We are happy to send samples if you would like to confirm a shade or see a color not listed on the website. If a color is ordered that is not listed in a drop-down menu then that carpet will not be returnable.
  • Vehicle Information: Year, Make, Model, Body Style (2 or 4 door, sedan, hardtop, hatchback, reg cab, ext cab etc.).
  • Transmission Type and Shifter Location: This is required because different floor pans or different sheet metal housings are used depending on where and how the shifter is located.
  • Two or Four-Wheel Drive: Required for trucks and SUVs. If your online order does not contain all the specifications we need, we will try to identify the problem and contact you.

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9. What comes in a carpet kit?

This depends on each carpet kit. In general, our kits will include the same items as an original carpet set. Below are basic types of kits and what they may include:

  • Passenger Set: This will include any carpet under the feet of front and rear passenger areas.
  • Cargo Set: In many sports cars and SUVs there is an extended area that is finished in the same carpet material as the passenger carpet. In some sets, wheel well covers or tailgate carpet may be included. Please check the listing for specific details.
  • Complete Set: Includes all carpet related items available. This does not include floor mats. This IS NOT an all inclusive list. The carpet kit contents for your specific vehicle may be different.

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10. Is this carpet in stock?

All of our interior automotive carpeting is made to order by ACC. This assures that your carpet is brand new, freshly molded, and the most correct pattern.

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11. Does the carpet have insulation attached to it?

Yes. The carpets have a jute style insulation attached in the same general areas as the original. We recommend that you retain your old insulation if possible. The insulation on the new carpet can be thinner. Using both the old and the new will give you more sound and heat dampening. If your old insulation is ruined, you may want to consider putting down an additional layer as well as sound deadener.

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12. Does the carpet have a rubber back to it?

Most of our regular priced carpets come with a poly (translucent) back. If your car originally had a black rubber back and you want to duplicate that backing then you need a Mass Backed carpet. Some newer applications come with the Mass Back standard, and that will be noted in the item title. If you want the extra sound and weather damping effect of Mass Back on any other Cutpile carpet it can be applied for an additional cost. When mass back is applied most carpets must then ship UPS Double Oversize so shipping will increase also. Many Mass Backed carpets cannot be shipped outside the 48 states.

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13. Does the carpet come with padding?

The amount of padding may differ from the stock carpet, but these car carpets will come with padding under the foot wells. You may choose to reuse some of your old padding and the carpet will accept up to a 1/2" of additional padding underneath before it begins to cause installation issues.

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14. How long does it take to receive my new carpet?

The carpets are made to order which takes 2-3 business days after the order is placed and confirmed. The carpets then ship by UPS, at which point tracking info will then be emailed to you. If you are in the lower 48 states you will receive a tracking number from UPS when the carpet ships out. After the carpet ships it could be 2-6 business days to get to your door. The total time will be 4-9 business days depending on where in the 48 states you live. If you live outside the 48 states it could be 2-6 weeks. Since these are made to order, we cannot expedite shipping.

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15. What is the return policy on carpets?

Carpets made in original colors (color is listed in drop menu of item) are eligible for return up to 1 year after order date. Carpets may not be cut, altered or glued in any way. Please inspect your carpet when you receive it. A 15% restocking fee will apply. Custom auto carpets made in a color not listed on our web page are not returnable.

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16. What happens if the carpet does not fit?

Hopefully this will not occur but accidents can happen that cause you to either get the wrong carpet or a poor fitting carpet. In the event that the carpet does not fit we will take care of it. A call tag will be issued, the carpet is picked up and either fixed or a replacement carpet is sent.

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17. How are your floor mats constructed?

The floor mats are manufactured using the same pattern as the original manufacturer used. This result is a shape that fits. The mats are made of the same high quality carpet as our carpet sets. They have a cleated rubber backing and they are bound around the edges with vinyl. If you are ordering a carpet set and floor mats together they are made from the same color for a perfect match unless otherwise specified. If you just want to order a set of mats we usually have colors on file that will roughly match your interior. If you want an exact match we recommend calling or emailing us for samples. If you would like a logo embroidered on your mats we have a variety to choose from.

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Installation FAQ:

Download and print our passenger car and pickup truck Auto Carpet Installation Guide (PDF).

1. Do these carpets come ready to install?

While the carpet will come pre-molded to the factory floor plan, it will not include any cuts. You will need to trim any excess around the edges and make slits for shifters, seats, and belts. We recommend using your old car carpet as a template to make sure cuts are made correctly. Since the carpet comes rolled up for easier shipping, it will need to rest outside of the box for at least 24 hours. This will allow the carpet to regain most of its shape prior to installation.

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2. Will I have to cut the carpet out?

Cutting will be required. For standard car and truck carpets, a good pair of scissors will cut the carpet and insulation if necessary. If you are ordering a Mass Back carpet, a very good pair of scissors and/or a sharp utility knife are more appropriate. The carpets come pre-cut to the shape of the floor pan. The manufacturer does leave extra material. We would rather you have to cut a little more than have a carpet that does not cover well. The carpets do not come cut out for shifters, high beam switches, seat bases etc. This allows for aftermarket and custom parts if desired. In some cases the listing will specify with console or with cutouts, in these instances the carpet has been cut to accommodate original equipment.

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3. My shifter (or other item) sticks up so I can't lay the carpet down to make sure it fits before I cut it, what do I do?

DO NOT CUT A HOLE FIRST. Lay the carpet in the vehicle starting in an unobstructed area. 'Roll' the carpet up to the base of the shifter or item. Make a SMALL SLIT in the carpet where it hits the item then install the carpet. It is easier to hide a slit in a carpet if you make a mistake than hide a hole. The carpet should go in and the item/shifter goes through the slit so the carpet will lay down. Continue to only slit the carpet around the item or shifter so you can move it in to it's final position. Only once you are sure the entire carpet is where you want it then make a cut out for the item/shifter. Always start small. You'll be much happier in the end if you have to enlarge the hole 2 or 3 times then if make a mistake and have to cover a big hole. If you happen to make a slit in the wrong place, duct tape the back of the carpet or use heavy thread and needle to sew the slit.

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4. Additional installation tips

If your carpet is not already cut out after removing the seats, seat belts, and other items, replace the hardware, screws, bolts, etc. so that when you lay the carpet in the vehicle, you can easily locate them under the car carpet. This way you will be able to make accurate slits in the carpet to ease reinstallation of these items.
Extra insulation: We personally like to put in a layer of insulation when we install a new auto carpet. It further reduces wind noise and gives the vehicle a tighter feel. The problem is that the carpet is molded using only the insulation attached. When extra insulation is added it slightly changes the dimensions of the floor pan. We suggest patience when installing and 'working' the carpet more to make sure no wrinkles develop. When you reinstall items they may push down on the carpet and cause bunching or wrinkling. We re-installed the items loosely first let them sit a few days, then tightened them half way, let them sit again then tighten all the way. This gave the carpet time to conform. We did not use the vehicle until all seats and seatbelts were fully tightened.

After install, make sure all your seats, seat belts, consoles, and other mounted accessories are secure.

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