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Lighting - Interior

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What is interior lighting and where is it located?

Interior lighting can be your best friend or worst enemy. It can be the beacon that you need to find those lost French fries hiding in your seat cushions late at night, but, if left on overnight, it can also be the roadblock that prevents you from getting to work on time in the morning.  There's probably more lighting in your car's interior than you think. There are lights for many applications, ranging from a vanity mirror light to a trunk light to a glove compartment light (of course, for when you need to find your gloves in the dark). But when any of these lights goes out, it can be a major nuisance to deal with.

Interior lighting isn't just map light covers and light bulbs. It can also include other components like climate control light bulbs, reflector covers, and relay modules. It's important to make sure your interior lighting is always working, because without them you may not be able to get around your car at night, find important papers should the situation arise, or, in older cars, be able to see your dash in the dark, which can cause all sorts of problems.

How do I know if my interior lighting needs to be replaced?

There can be many signs pointing to a much needed replacement depending on the part and the problem. In a purely aesthetic case, the light cover may be cracked or split, or it may be faded and dirty from longer usage and old age. You may find yourself wanting to replace a bulb simply because it's gone out or it's losing its shine.  In some cases, if a certain light isn't working but the bulb and connection are fine, a faulty relay module may be the culprit.

Can I replace the interior lighting myself?

Some repairs can be as simple as carefully prying the courtesy light lens off with a flat blade screwdriver, pulling off the bulb, pushing a new on in its place, and then popping a new lens back into its slot. Other repairs may be a bit more complicated and may require a bit of electrical expertise to tackle the job. Whatever project you may be facing, it's important to consult a guide specific to your repair to gain an idea of what the process is going to entail and how long it will take. 

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