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Roof Lights

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What are roof lights and where do they install? 

Roof lights are lights that go on top of the cab of your truck or SUV.  Usually, they come in a set of multiple lights.  Depending on the type, roof lights can make you more visible to other drivers or can help you see farther at night. 

Why might I want to install roof lights? 

The term “roof lights” might refer to a couple different kinds of lights. 

Some trucks come with cab lights—sometimes called clearance lights—mounted on the top of the truck.  These help other drivers tell how tall and how wide your truck is in the dark.  These might be required for trucks over a certain size depending on the laws of your state.  If your truck came with these lights and one of them is broken, you’ll have to replace it.  Some drivers also mount clearance lights onto trucks that didn’t originally come with them from the factory. 

If you go off-roading, you might install a set of lights on a roof rack on top of your vehicle.  These high-mounted lights can give you better visibility, letting you see what’s coming up on the trail. 

Can I install roof lights myself?  

Replacing factory roof lights should be pretty easy.  You’ll just remove any fasteners that hold the light on, disconnect the wiring, and connect and mount the new light.  It should be just like replacing any of your other lights. 

Installing lights as an upgrade is a very different story.  You’ll likely have to cut holes in the roof of your vehicle, and you’ll have to route and connect the wires yourself.  If you don’t have prior experience with wiring, then you might want to leave this job to a professional. 

Laws in your area might dictate how you wire the lights.  For example, in some places, if roof lights for off-roading are wired to turn on with other lights, they should only come on with your high beams.  Again, this can vary from place to place.  Be sure to check your local regulations before installing lighting upgrades.  

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