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Brake Calipers & Brackets

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Brake Calipers & Brackets

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What is a brake caliper?

A brake caliper is a hydraulic device that mounts to the vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed, the hydraulic fluid is compressed. This force is transferred to the brake caliper, which applies pressure to the friction material on the brake pad. The friction material is pressed against the friction surface of the rotor, creating drag and reducing the speed of your car.

What causes a brake caliper to stick / what causes brake calipers to lock up?

Brake calipers can “stick” or lock up from rust, dryness, damage, or debris. This can occur at different parts of the caliper, such as the slides, piston boot, or brake hose. If it’s the brake hose, pressure may be building inside the system instead of releasing, or other parts like the slides or boots may be damaged from corrosion or debris. Each will need to be replaced accordingly, but if it’s the boot, it’s likely the entire caliper will need to be replaced.

Are brake calipers universal?

Some calipers might fit other models, but calipers are not universal and cannot fit on any vehicle. There are different kinds of calipers, such as floating or fixed, and they and their components can come in different sizes and designs, such as dual pistons.

When should brake calipers be replaced?

Replacing worn out brakes is crucial to maintaining the safety of your vehicle. Without working brakes, you may not be able to safely stop your car. To avoid breakdowns, brake parts should be inspected and measured at regular service intervals to make sure the parts will perform correctly. On average, brake parts will need to be replaced between 30,000 and 80,000 miles.

Noises such as squeaking or squealing coming from the wheel, the vehicle pulling to one side, uneven or abnormal brake pad wearing, smoking brakes, or leaking brake fluid are all signs the caliper might need to be replaced.

Hydraulic system work (such as calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, and master cylinders) is a slightly more involved job that requires full system bleeding to evacuate trapped air. This type of job can still be performed by an average do-it-yourselfer with a little instruction and an assistant to operate the brake pedal.

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