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What is a car cover and what does it do? 

A car cover does exactly what the name implies; it covers your car and protects it from outside elements.  The cover is a form fitting piece of strong fabric that keeps substances like water, dirt, and pollen off the surface of your pristine car.  It also can protect your cars paint from being scratched, chipped, or getting faded from the sun.  A car cover can be a great way to keep your car looking like new. 

Why should I get one? 

As mentioned above, the car cover protects your car from the kind of wear that inevitably occurs over time.  A car cover will keep your car in better cosmetic condition and help it retain its resale value.  A car cover can also save you money.  It will make the results of washing and waxing your car last longer and can prevent rust that may lead to repairs down the road. 

What kind should I get? 

It’s very important that you get a cover specifically made for your car.  There are many universal car covers on the market, but using these can be counterproductive.  A universal car cover may be loose on your car.  That will allow it to move.  A car cover needs to be made of heavy duty fabric in order to protect the car.  Unfortunately, the sturdiness of the fabric can be a down side.  If it rubs against the car, which a loose cover is more likely to do, it might scratch the paint.  That defeats the whole purpose of having a car cover. 

How do I use one? 

You might think that putting on a car cover would be straightforward.  You just put it on the car, right?  While there is a best way to put a car cover on, remember, you don’t want the fabric to rub against the paint.  As long as you’re careful and follow these guidelines, you should do fine. 

Away from your car, lay the cover out lengthwise.  Fold one side over to the middle and then the other—folding the cover into thirds—lengthwise.  Then fold the rear third of the cover back over the middle third of the cover.  Then fold the front third over the middle third.  The front of the cover will usually be labeled with a stamp or tag. 

Put the folded cover on the roof of the car.  Gently roll the front of the cover over the hood, then roll the rear over the trunk.  The cover should now make a strip down the length of the car.  Roll the cover down over one side, stopping to put the mirror pocket over your side view mirror.  Then do the same with the other side.  Reverse these steps to roll the cover back off. 

How should I care for my car cover?

Car covers come in a number of different materials from different manufacturers.  The routine to care for them will differ.  Some can be washed in your home laundry machine, but others cannot.  Check your car cover’s manufacturer’s specifications for more details.  

Types of car covers

A car cover, truck cover, or SUV cover from 1A Auto is among the highest quality on the market. Each truck and car cover is made of premium materials such as Dupont® Tyvek® and Endura® fabrics. We offer an extensive line of car and truck covers to fit any budget or need. Our automobile covers are available in 6 different fabrics types:

  • Lite Car & Truck Cover- Affordable breathable car cover provides protection against sun, dust, and dirt.
  • Value Car & Truck Cover- Affordable car cover with superb water resistant protection.
  • Tyvek Car & Truck Cover- The name speaks for itself, a car cover made with Dupont's famous Tyvek material. This water resistant auto cover delivers the best value, performance and affordability.
  • Rain Barrier Car & Truck Cover- Waterproof, durable protection car cover.
  • Gold Car & Truck Cover - Waterproof car cover with better breathability and overall performance.
  • MAXX Car & Truck Cover - The ultimate car cover material. Offers outstanding performance in all categories important to protecting your vehicle. The best protection against water, UV, dirt, snow, ice, pollution, heat, mold and mildew.
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