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Power Seat Switches

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Power Seat Switches

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What is a power seat switch and where is it located?

The power seat switch makes it easy for you to adjust your seat into that perfect, comfortable driving position. That makes your daily commute much more bearable, and does wonders for long trips. When you press the power seat switch down on the side of your seat, it sends a command to a small electric motor that moves the seat in whatever direction you chose—forward, backwards, up, down and even tilted. Power seats and the switches that come with them are becoming more and more common on newer cars, replacing the older system, where seats had to be positioned manually.

How do I know if my power seat switch needs to be replaced?

If you press your seat switch and the seat doesn’t respond the way you expected, then you may want to replace your power seat switch. You may find that the seat won’t move at all, or will only move certain directions, or it moves only very slowly. This can leave you literally in an awkward position. 

The contacts in the switches can corrode over time. The circuitry inside can also burn out if you try to move the seat that is having another problem, such as if the seat is stuck because of trash, loose change, or stickiness on the seat tracks. Keeping the area under your seat clean will help you avoid future problems with the power seat. 

It’s worth noting that other problems can cause your power seat not to work correctly. A blown fuse may leave you unable to move your seat, as could a broken or burnt out power seat motor. You should pinpoint the problem to the seat switch before undertaking the repair. It is possible to test the switch with a multimeter.

Can I replace a power seat switch myself?

Replacing the power seat switch will probably be much less of a pain in the neck than your poorly-positioned seat. The switch will be held in with a plastic panel on the side of the seat that might be held in by screws. Otherwise, you’ll be able to remove the panel by prying it off. Then you’ll have to remove a couple of screws from the switch and unplug the switch from its wiring connector. You may want to connect the new switch to the wiring connector and test it out before fastening it into place.

Need a power seat switch replacement?

Power seats provide a driver with the utmost comfort and convenience during rides to work and long road trips. They allow you to find that perfect position to drive in, and also give you the option to adjust the seat whenever you need to, to a different position that might be more comfortable. If your power seats are no longer adjusting the way you expect no matter how many times you push the switch, then you might need a replacement. Luckily for you, 1A Auto carries aftermarket power seat switches for many makes and models, and at great prices.

Shopping for a replacement power seat switch for your car, truck or SUV is also incredibly easy at 1A Auto - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our switches, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online right here at 1aauto.com. If your “stuck”, 1A Auto can help!

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