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Keyless Entry Remote & Related

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Keyless Entry Remote & Related

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What is keyless entry remote and where is it located?

The keyless entry remote, also referred to as a remote key fob, is a small panel of buttons you can hang from your keychain that lets you unlock your car and truck doors with the press of a button rather than using a traditional key. 

Your keyless entry remote works on the magic of radio. When you press the button on the fob, your remote emits a radio signal that carries a code to a receiver in the car or truck. If the code matches the one the receiver is waiting for, it electronically unlocks the door. Different vehicle manufacturers use different frequencies. The transmitter and the receiver also change their code each time the remote is used. This prevents anyone else from getting into your automobile.

How do I know if my keyless entry remote needs to be replaced?

If you press your keyless entry remote buttons and nothing happens, then you might want to replace or repair your keyless entry remote. Of course, you could always unlock your car or truck doors with your key, but who has time for that? The problem might be the contacts on the backs of the buttons. If the contacts are worn out, they might not complete the circuit to activate the transmitter. Another very common failure point on remote key fobs is the battery terminal/retainer breaking off from vibration. Since it’s usually under tension (to hold the battery in place and make good contact for power), the constant banging around in someone’s pocket or being tossed on the table after a long day can lead to the solder joints to weaken and break. This is usually pretty evident when you take off the cover and the battery falls out. 

Before you replace the remote key fob, though, you might want to check that a dead battery isn’t the source of your troubles. You may also choose to replace your remote key fob if the buttons are stuck, worn out, faded, or just plain dirty. Replacing the buttons can make the remote easier to use and make it feel better under your fingers. 1A sells complete new keyless entry remotes as well as new cases and new buttons if you just need to repair your old remote. 

Can I replace a remote key fob myself?

Replacing or repairing a keyless entry remote is pretty easy, and is well within the grasp of even a novice a do-it-yourselfer (with the exception of completely new remotes). You might be thinking, What’s so hard about getting a completely new remote key fob? Can’t I just hang it from my keychain? The trouble is, you have to synchronize the new remote to your receiver. Different car and truck manufacturers use different systems for programming, so you’ll probably have to take you vehicle and your new keyless remote to the dealership to program it. 

You can definitely repair your own keyless remote. The remote case is made of two pieces. You can wedge a knife blade, a small flathead screwdriver, or a coin into the groove between the two pieces and twist to pop them apart. Then, if you are replacing the buttons, you can pull the buttons out of the case and push in the new ones. If you want a whole new case, pull the circuit board out. Put the circuit board behind the buttons of the new case. In the end, you can press the case back together. Since you are still using the same circuit board, you don’t need to do any reprogramming. You’ll have a nicely improved remote you can use right away. 

Need a keyless entry remote replacement?

A remote key fob performs the functions of a traditional car key without actually having to insert the key into your car's keyhole. Having this type of modern system in your vehicle allows you to enjoy more safety and convenience. Unfortunately, if your keyless entry remote has broken then you’ll be back to manually locking and unlocking doors. Don’t let this get you down—get a keyless entry remote replacement today! 1A Auto carries a large selection of aftermarket keyless entry remotes, as well as cases and inserts, for many makes and models, and at great prices.

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for replacement remote key fob for your car, truck, SUV or van easy—we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our aftermarket remote key fobs, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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