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What is an EGR tube and where is it located?

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system takes a small amount of exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold and pushes it into the intake manifold to help reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Depending on placement in the engine bay, the EGR may use a tube (also referred to as a pipe, line, or hose) to properly reach between the intake and exhaust manifolds. The EGR tube acts as the main passageway of the EGR system, directing the exhaust gasses produced by the engine’s combustion from the exhaust manifold through the system, eventually recirculating it back into the intake manifold and back into the combustion chambers and the air-fuel mix to be burned again.

Pumping exhaust gasses into the intake actually reduces the temperature of combustion in the cylinders. The gasses increase the specific heat capacity of the air-fuel mix, making for a lower flame temperature when it ignites. It may seem strange to think you would want the air-fuel mix to burn less hot, but it does have certain advantages. Nitrous oxides form when fuel is combusted at very high temperatures, above 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding exhaust gasses to the air-fuel mix helps keep combustion below this temperature, reducing nitrous oxide emissions. Lowering the temperature also prevents the fuel from igniting too early which can lead to detonation or knocking.

How do I know if my EGR tube needs to be replaced?

The EGR tube can become clogged over time. The exhaust flowing through it can leave behind residue that builds up in the tube. The high heat of these gasses may also damage the tube, causing leaks. In either case, the result will be that the EGR system doesn’t supply exhaust gasses to the engine when it’s supposed to. 

If the combustion in the engine reaches high enough temperatures, then it will start to produce nitrous oxides in the exhaust. This may cause you to fail an emissions inspection. Knocking, usually noticed as a pinging noise coming from the engine, can be another sign that the EGR system is not recirculating gasses properly. If there are problems with the EGR system, then the vehicle’s check engine light might come on. A diagnostic scan tool will show codes between P0400 and P0408 for EGR problems. Any of the above listed symptoms may also result from the EGR valve, which draws exhaust gasses into the intake, being stuck in the closed position. So, you might want to check the EGR line for cracks or clogging to make sure it is the source of the problem, or replace the EGR valve and tube together.

Can I replace an EGR pipe myself?

Even though the functioning of the EGR system may seem complicated, replacing the EGR pipe won’t be. You may need to remove various air intake parts to get at the EGR hose Then you’ll need to unbolt the EGR tube from the exhaust manifold and separate it from the EGR valve, unbolting it and disconnecting the associated vacuum hoses. You can then install the new part. As mentioned above, it might be a good idea to replace the EGR valve at the same time which will necessarily increase the time and effort required to complete the job.  

Need an EGR tube replacement?

If you are in need of a replacement EGR tube, then you have come to the right place! At 1A Auto, we have a large selection of aftermarket EGR tubes for many makes and models, and at great prices. Our replacement EGR tubing is just what you need to get your emissions in good working order again!

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