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What is a fuel door and where is it located?

The fuel door on your vehicle covers your fuel filler cap and helps to keep dirt and other material out of your diesel fuel or gas tank. When you fuel up, you can open the little metal door to gain access to the fuel cap. When you’re done, you close everything up to keep your fuel isolated from the elements outside. It’s a pretty nifty assembly when it’s working. 

The fuel tank door moves on a hinge, which is mounted to the body, usually found on one side or the other of your trunk. When you open the fuel door, a spring helps keep it open. Some swanky automobiles use a cable to pop the fuel door open when you pull a lever inside the vehicle. This works just like the hood release cable. This system helps to prevent thieves from siphoning your gas. The fanciest autos of all might use an electric actuator to lock and unlock the fuel door or to pop it open. 

How do I know if my fuel door parts need to be replaced?

The two main reasons to replace a fuel door include trouble when opening and closing it. A door that won’t close can let dirt and moisture in around the filler cap, and makes the filler cap vulnerable to damage. It also makes your car or truck look goofy when you’re cruising down the highway with your fuel door open. A fuel door that won’t open, on the other hand, will make putting gas or diesel fuel in your tank a hassle. 

The fuel door or its hinge or spring can corrode over time. It can also get bent out of shape in an accident. A fuel door cable can wear out and eventually snap. Fuel door actuators may get gummed up and stop working, or the solenoid inside might wear out. Problems with the fuel door cable or actuator generally leave you with the fuel door stuck closed. You may need to get the fuel filler door open just to gas up before you can do the full repair. You may be able to open up the panel inside the trunk on your fuel door side and open the door from behind it. This is, of course, a temporary, emergency fix, unless you want to climb into your trunk every time you need a fill up. 

Can I replace fuel door parts myself?

Replacing a fuel door or a fuel door hinge should be relatively easy. You’ll have to remove the fasteners that hold the hinge to the body and pull off the door and hinge together. You might have to unscrew the filler cap to get at the fasteners. While the cap is off, you should put a clean cloth rag in the filler neck to keep gasoline vapor from getting out or dirt getting into the gas tank. Also, be careful not to scratch your paint when working around the fuel door. Once the door and hinge are off, then you can separate the two pieces.

Attach the new door to the old hinge or the new hinge to the old door depending on which you are reusing. If you are replacing both the door and hinge, attach the new door and hinge. Then fasten the hinge to the body. 

Replacing a fuel door actuator or cable is more involved. You’ll have to remove a panel inside the trunk to access either part. To remove a fuel door cable you will have to remove other parts to access it. What parts you have to remove will vary with the route of the cable, which will vary from one model to another, but could include kick panels and seats. 

Need replacement fuel door parts?

Your vehicle’s fuel door assembly helps to keep your fuel free of contaminants, and fancier ones also help to prevent thieves from stealing your expensive fuel. If it has been damaged or is no longer opening or closing, well, then you’ve got a problem. Don’t fret, 1A Auto has all of the replacement fuel tank door parts you need. We carry a large selection of aftermarket fuel filler door parts for many makes and models, and at great prices.

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for replacement fuel door parts, such as fuel doors, release cables, actuators, hinges and more, for your diesel fuel or gas-powered car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right parts for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our aftermarket fuel tank door parts, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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