Oil Pan - Transmission

  • Dodge Jeep Chrysler Transmission Oil Pan

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    List: $79.95 Save: $20.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00100


  • BMW Land Rover Transmission Oil Pan

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    List: $130.95 Save: $45.00
    • Includes: Filter
    • Part #: 1ATRX00071


  • Transmission Oil Pan

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    List: $83.95 Save: $24.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00012


  • Chevy Buick Pontiac Saturn Olds Transmission Oil Pan

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    Part #: 1ATRX00069


  • Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Eagle Transmission Oil Pan

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    List: $55.95 Save: $16.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00008


  • Ford Lincoln Transmission Oil Pan

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    List: $72.95 Save: $23.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00009


  • Chevy GMC Cadillac Transmission Oil Pan

    Save 29%
    List: $69.95 Save: $20.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00011


  • Dodge Chrysler BMW Ram Jaguar Transmission Pan & Filter Assembly

    • Part #: 1ATRX00113


  • Dodge Transmission Oil Pan Dorman 265-827

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    List: $83.95 Save: $26.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00087


  • Transmission Oil Pan Gasket Mercedes Benz 140 271 00 80

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    List: $41.95 Save: $7.00
    • Part #: MBEGS00003


  • Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram Mitsubishi Transmission Oil Pan Dorman 265-818

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    List: $86.95 Save: $25.00
    Part #: DMTRX00003


  • Nissan Infiniti Transmission Oil Pan Dorman OE Solutions

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    List: $64.95 Save: $17.00
    Part #: 1ATRX00067


  • Ford Lincoln Mercury Transmission Oil Drain Plug Ford OEM 6L2Z-7A010-AA

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    List: $33.95 Save: $4.00
    • Part #: FDTRX00005


  • Mazda 3 5 6 Protege Protege5 Transmission Oil Pan Mazda FN11-21-51XB

    Save 30%
    List: $85.95 Save: $26.00
    • Includes: Drain Plug
    • Part #: MZTRX00001


  • Toyota Camry Celica Corolla Tercel Transmission Oil Pan Dorman 265-823

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    List: $109.95 Save: $38.00
    • Includes: Drain Plug
    • Part #: 1ATRX00058


Oil Pan - Transmission

What is a Transmission Oil Pan and where is it Located?

In vehicles with automatic transmissions, the transmission oil pan holds the transmission fluid, and allows for an easy access point to the transmission filter and fluid. The automatic transmission requires oil to lubricate it and keep it cool. That prevents premature wear of the transmission. It is also important to keep the transmission fluid clean to keep the transmission working smoothly. The transmission pan allows you to easily change the fluid and the filter to keep your fluid clean.

The transmission oil pan will be found underneath your transmission. It is often the lowest part hanging off of the frame.

How do I Know if my Transmission Oil Pan Needs to be Replaced?

Since the transmission pan is one of the lowest parts on a vehicle. it is one of the parts most succeptible to damage from road hazards. Stamped steel pans can also rust out and leak if their painted finish is scratched or chipped. The bolts of the transmission pan can also become loose over time, which will lead to leaks. The pan itself can become warped, giving it a poor fit and leading to leaks. As you might have guessed, leaks are the surest sign that something is wrong with your transmission pan.

If left untreated, low transmission fluid levels may lead to bigger transmission problems. Without the fluid to protect it, the transmission's internal parts can wear out. This may lead to rough shifting or other problems.

Can I Replace a Transmission Pan Myself?

Since the transmission pan must be removed to change the filter and to replace the fluid in many cases, it is usually easy to access and easy to remove. You will want to drain the fluid from the pan before you remove it completely. On some pans, you will be able to do this by removing a drain plug. In other cases, through, you will have to start removing some of the transmission pan bolts until fluid starts to pour out. You will want to have a catch pan ready before doing this. Once the fluid has drained, you can remove the remaining bolts and pull off the pan. While you have access to the area, it would be a good time to clean up the area, and to replace the transmission filter. Then, attach a gasket to the new transmission pan, and thread a few bolts into it to hold it in place. When you insert the remaining bolts, tighten them to the manufacturer's recommended torque specification in a criss-crossing pattern.

After replacing the transmission pan, you will have to refill the fluid. Your owner's manual should specify how much fluid and which type is needed. If, for some reason, you cannot find that information, an alternative method to estimate the amount of fluid you will need is to pour the old fluid into empty gallon jugs. You should fill the transmission to slightly less than the recommended amount, then run the engine and shift the transmission through all its settings to circulate the fluid. Then, check the transmission fluid level with the dipstick and add fluid as necessary.

Need a Transmission Oil Pan Replacement?

Your vehicle's automatic transmission needs to be properly lubricated in order to shift smoothly and work properly. The transmission pan serves as the reservoir for your vehicle's transmission oil, which is the fluid that lubricates and keeps the tranny cool. So, if the pan has been damaged, low transmission fluid levels may result due to leakage, which can cause major problems with your transmission and ride quality. Therefore, it is important that if you need a replacement transmission oil pan due to failure, that you obtain one as soon as possible, or face the consequences. Luckily at 1A Auto, we carry a large selection of aftermarket transmission pans for many makes and models, and at great prices. Our aftermarket transmission oil pans are just what you need to get your automatic transmission in good working order again!

At 1A Auto, we make shopping for a replacement transmission pan for your car, truck, SUV or van easy - we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! Call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393 if you have any questions about our transmission fluid pans, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, or you can buy online.

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