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Rain Deflectors

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What are rain deflectors and what do they do? 

Rain visors, sometimes known as window deflectors or rain guards, are a simple, small upgrade that makes a big difference for your car’s interior ventilation.  They are shields that go above your window on the outside of your door and keep rain from coming in the top of your window.  They also reduce wind noise while you’re driving.  That means you can keep your windows cracked in more situations and keep getting fresh air into your car.

Why might I want to install rain deflectors?                                            

When you have rain visors, you can keep your windows cracked more often.  Let’s say you’re driving on a hot summer day and one of those pop-up rain storms comes along – or, maybe, it’s raining out and your dog decided it was a good time to go sneak off to play outside. Normally, you’d have to roll up the windows and sit cooped up in your car with that wet dog smell.  With rain deflectors, you can leave the top of your windows open and get a little fresh air without getting some water too.  

They can also let you get a little air flowing through your car when it’s parked on a hot day, without having to worry about rain showers. 

Rain visors also reduce wind noise, so it’ll be more convenient to crack your windows on the highway. 

Can I install the rain deflector myself?  

Rain visors are easy to install, even if you don’t have a lot of do-it-yourself experience.  Some rain visors have a flange that installs right into the window channel.  You can just roll down the window and push the rain visor right into place by hand.  Some rain visors have to be stuck on with adhesive tape.  This is only marginally more complicated.  First of all, you’ll need the mounting area to be very clean, so that the adhesive will stick.  Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry.  You might want to use a marker to mark where you will install the rain visor.  Carefully line up the visor, slowly peel the backing off the adhesive, and stick on the visor.  Allow the adhesive to set.  

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