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Cruise Control Switch & Lever

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Cruise Control Switch & Lever

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What is a cruise control switch and lever and where are they located?

The cruise control lever and switch are part of the cruise control system that allows drivers to set the vehicle speed at a desired, constant level and resume normal acceleration or deceleration when necessary. A vehicle’s cruise control system is invaluable when embarking on a long distance drive on the open highway, or going on a massive road trip, as it reduces driver fatigue and helps keep you alert and safe. Cruise control systems also offer many other safety features, but the system won’t work without a working lever and / or switch.

Your cruise control lever, located on the side of the steering column, is your input to activate your cruise control system. It will allow you to turn cruise control on or off, set the target cruise speed and resume normal acceleration. Many of these are incorporated into multifunction levers that also operate the turn signals and can include dials and switches to activate other systems, such as the head lights, fog lights, or windshield wipers. 

The lever connects to a cruise control switch, also sometimes referred to as a cruise control release or deactivation switch, inside the steering column, which contains the circuitry that sends the driver’s input to the cruise control system. Some models will instead use cruise control buttons mounted on the steering wheel for easy access.

How do I know if my cruise control switch and lever needs to be replaced?

Not to oversimplify things, but if your cruise control switch is not working, then you may wish to replace it. For example, if the lever doesn’t move properly into the desired position and stay there, then you may need to replace the lever. If the cruise control system fails to activate, or respond to other driver inputs, this might indicate that something is wrong with the cruise control switch. It is more likely, though, that there is a problem elsewhere in the cruise control system. If you are so inclined, you could check that the wiring inside the cruise control switch is working with a multimeter. This would involve opening up the steering column and removing the switch, but on the plus side, if the switch is found to be broken, you’ve already removed it and are halfway to replacing it.    

If I need a replacement cruise control switch and lever can I replace it myself?

As mentioned above, replacing the cruise control switch and / or lever in many cases will involve opening up the steering column. Make sure to disconnect the battery and take any other precautions specific to your model to deactivate the airbags. You do not want the air bags to deploy while you are working in the steering column. Otherwise, the task should be completed easily enough with no need for specialty tools. There are also some cruise control switches / levers that don't need the steering column to be opened up; they just yank straight out of the column and have one simple little plug on them.

Need a replacement cruise control switch or lever?

If you're looking for a replacement cruise control switch or lever, you've come to the right place. At 1A Auto, we have an extensive line of switches and lever assemblies for many makes and models, at great prices. Our aftermarket cruise control levers and multi-function switches are reproduced under strict quality control to be sure the part you receive is a direct replacement part. The levers have the correct printing and connectors on them to help make installation easier.

At 1A Auto, shopping for a replacement cruise control switch or lever is easy—we're here to help you select the right part for your vehicle! However, if you have any questions about our parts, warranty, compatibility or to purchase, please call our customer service toll free at 888-844-3393. You can also buy online right here at 1A Auto. So, don’t let a broken or damaged cruise control switch or lever get you down, order a replacement from 1A Auto today!

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