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What are sun visors and where are they located?

Sun visors are adjustable fiberboards that can be found on the car's ceiling directly above the driver and passenger seats and close to the windshield. They do exactly what their name implies. They act as a visor to protect your eyes from the annoying and blinding sun rays that can pierce through your windshield. Sometimes sunglasses aren't enough, so when you use both you can create a powerful one-two punch to deter the sun's overwhelming rays, protect your eyes, and regain your vision of the road.

And not only are sun visors perfect for protecting your vision, but they can also come with amenities like a "vanity mirror," CD holder, remote garage door controller, and in some cases an extender for increased shade.

How do I know if my sun visors need to be replaced?

There can be many reasons for wanting to replace a sun visor. Maybe you're unhappy with the size of your original visor and want to upgrade to a larger one. Often, sun visors can snap and hang loose, and just don't seem to have that same sturdiness like they used to.

This can be problematic as the visor may only stabilize itself in certain positions, which can be aggravating when you're trying to hide from an ever-moving sun. The visors hook can also snap as well or the sun visor itself can just fall down, leaving it in a suspended, droopy state, which only puts more weight on the visor, will lead to faster wear and tear than usual, and may impair your driving visibility.  

Can I replace the sun visors myself?

Replacing a sun visor is a pretty easy repair and can be easily done by the novice do-it-yourselfer. You'll probably only need a flat blade screwdriver, but a pick can be helpful too. You just have to unhook the visor and carefully pry off the hinge cover with a flat blade screwdriver or pick. You want to be cautious that you don't snap or break the cover. Then simply remove the screws from the visor and the visor should come out.

Reinstallation is just a reversal of the previous procedure. You just need to insert the visor into place, tighten the screws to the visor, and snap the cover back into place.

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